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Daniel Duban (Chairman of the civic association)
Adress: Andreja Kubinu 21, 917 00 Trnava, Slovakia
e-mail: daniel@duban.sk (Slovak, English, German language)
phone: +421 905 930 923 (Slovak language)

Monika Babicová (Secretary of the civic association)
Adress: Gen. Goliána 32, 917 02 Trnava, Slovakia
e-mail: mbabicov@gmail.com (Slovak, Czech, Russian, German, English language)
phone: +421 904 171 648 (Slovak, Czech, Russian, German, English language)

Studio DISK Trnava, Slovakia
R. Dilong Street

DISK Trnava

A theatrical ensemble Kopánka (DISK) was established in 1955 and it is one of the oldest community theatre ensembles in Slovakia. DISK started its activity by producing plays of Slovak and world authors.

The ensemble has been coopering with the director Blaho Uhlár since 1986. He produces the plays using author´s method. He uses the dialect and also the standard Slovak and responds to the present problems calling a spade a spade. DISK production belongs to the polythematic decomposition. DISK author´s plays are appreciated by the theatre critique, the judges at amateur competitions and also the audience. The ensemble has won the Creative act of the year prize at the Scenic harvesting in Martin four times.

The ensemble has been working without a break so it introduces new play each season. Since 2007, it has regularly played at the DISK theatre studio in Trnava na Kopánke which is the second permanent theatre in Trnava. It focuses on the alternative theatre. The ensemble has introduced 73 premiers, the latest one was Obolus in November 2018.

Tickets to buy in:

  • TIC (City Tower), Trojičné square 1, 917 01 Trnava
    Phone: +421 (0) 33 323 64 40
    e-mail: info@trnavatourism.sk
    Slovak Republic, EU
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